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Advantages of Automating Mobile Marketing

Advantages of Automating Mobile Marketing

Even thinking about automating mobile marketing is a good start. First of all, if you consider mobile marketing separate from your other marketing activities, you are taking this issue seriously. Secondly, if you are interested in the concept of automation ways to create efficient, effective mobile marketing campaigns at scale and speed, then you see the untapped potential of mobile marketing automation.

While the word automation is often seen as far removed from a personalised, individual approach, the opposite is actually true. Creating campaigns that effectively communicate with your individual customer personas, demographics and psychographics requires a huge team of marketing and data scientists and a lot of time.

Without building your campaign strategy and using your creative side to create multiple campaign messages focused on personalised segments, simply ensuring that your customer data is clean and accurately segmented is a function in itself.

You should also consider the volume of mobile messaging channels available to you and find answers to the following questions: Which ones will you focus on, how will you ensure consistency of messaging, and then how will you distribute your efforts across them to ensure your customers receive their personalised messages through their preferred channels? Although it may seem very easy, all these processes are separate operations in their own right. Although it may seem difficult to manage, this is where mobile marketing automation comes into play.

Let's quickly list some of the advantages of automating your mobile marketing:

  • You can automate all processes: Messaging, customer segmentation, personalisation and even analytics.
  • Time-consuming routine processes such as data filtering and customer segmentation can be automated, creating clean, complete data sets in seconds.
  • You can effectively manage big customer data. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables you to access vast amounts of customer data at the push of a button and quickly filter it according to your needs.
  • By reducing time-to-market, it allows you to quickly create marketing campaigns to avoid being late, especially for newsworthy events.
  • You can direct your campaigns to multiple channels at the same time without additional effort, and deliver your messages to users through their preferred channels.
  • You can perform A/B testing more effectively and automate the results so that the best-performing campaigns are automatically presented and lower-performing processes are removed.
  • You can personalise your campaigns on a much larger scale compared to manual methods. You can prepare multiple text and multimedia combinations and send them quickly to specific parts of your customer database.
  • As your datasets and customer segments grow, you can scale campaigns quickly and efficiently.
  • The ability to capture individual customer or prospect data and create tailored and personalised marketing campaigns that directly address consumers about their business pain points is invaluable.
  • Relevance is the key to transforming your marketing messages and automation is the key to personalisation, better known as conversational marketing.

In this way, automation largely eliminates human effort in marketing activities and allows you to perform many steps up to A/B testing multi-layered marketing campaigns with minimal effort and eliminates the need to constantly monitor campaign performance.

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