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Frequently Asked Questions

You can see most asked questions with answers in this page.

Sometimes a few people try to get a number from a service and it causes live queue. If you face with this issue wait for a while or try to get a number from a different country.

If you encounter a problem with topping up money please send us a support ticket and provide us details:
• Payment Method
• Payment Amount
• Transaction Date
• Screetshot of the error you encountered

You can use Imgbb.com to upload screenshot image.

Our BTC wallet address changes in every payment and if you send money to outdated one the money will not be added to your account balance. The same rule applies to other payment systems.

If you buy a normal single sms number you can cancel it in 10 minutes and your money will be refunded. But if you buy rent number you can't cancel it.
When you rent a number (for weekly or monthly) from countries with 2 next to it you must wait 10 minute until the number is active.

You can contact us with sending ticket if you could not find your question in this page. We will reply as soon as possible.