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How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working?

How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working?

The Voice message is one of the features introduced in WhatsApp. With the origin of WhatsApp voice messages, most of the people find it comfortable than typing long messages. It also conveys a person's emotions in a better manner.

At times, these voice messages will stop working. For instance, when you receive a voice message, it will not download or the sound will not be heard. Some users will not be able to record audio messages. While others see the blank screen when they listen to WhatsApp voice messages or a message will be displayed "This voice message is unavailable". In this article, we will let you know how to fix audio messages when it's not working on WhatsApp. Let's check out the solutions to get back the audio on your WhatsApp.

Restart the device

At times, a simple restart will fix your problem. When your WhatsApp audio message does not play or they do not record, just restart your smart-phone and check out if it solves the problem.

Provide permissions

When you are not able to record voice messages, check out if the WhatsApp has required permission. To record a voice message, you need to get permission to use the mic on your mobile phone.

To enable it on iPhone and Android, you need to open the Settings, select Apps and notification or Application Manager. Under the All Apps category, select on WhatsApp, and tap on Permissions. Look for the Microphone option and tap on the Allow option. Now, restart your Android phone.

Disable Third-Party Recording Apps

WhatsApp fails to record audio messages when there are other apps such as screen recording or call recording app active on your mobile phone. We suggest you turn them off for some time and try sending the voice messages. If the problem persists, uninstall such apps. Now, check if you can create voice messages.

Screen Protector

WhatsApp has a proximity sensor feature that lets you listen to your voice messages through the earpiece. When the screen protector is wrongly placed, it causes a problem. So, it is better to replace or remove the screen protector from your phone.

Higher Volume

Sometimes, we miss increasing volume levels. When you are listening to a voice message through a speaker, turn the volume up. If you are using an earpiece to hear them, you have to increase the volume again as it is different from the speaker.

Is There Enough Storage?

When you are getting an error "Sorry this audio cannot be loaded, please try later" while downloading a voice note, check out for the space available on your phone. At times, when the storage is full, WhatsApps fail to download an audio message.

Clear Cache

On Android, clear cache on WhatsApp is different from clear data, as the WhatsApp data will not be deleted.

Steps to the clear cache are: 

  • Open the Settings on your phone and Tap on Apps and Notifications. 
  • Under the Apps, tap on WhatsApp, select storage and press on Clear cache. 
  • Now, restart your Android phone.


Sometimes, you face the voice messages issue due to a bug in the WhatsApp beta build-in program. So, try to update your Android from the Google Play Store.


Finally, when nothing works, try to uninstall WhatsApp from your device. With this article, we hope you get solutions to fix the issues about voice messages on WhatsApp.

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